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    "Where we're going, we don't need roads" [Doc E. B.]

    Federico's path in the arts began early as he began studying the trumpet and musical composition and direction at the age of 8 in his native Turin, Italy. In 2003 he completed his studies at Turin's prestigious Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of the Arts and was immediately in-demand as a professional jazz and classical musician. Through his musicianship he has toured worldwide, making a name for himself throughout France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Slovenia, Israel, the USA, and of course his native Italy. His prestigious collaborative experiences in the field of music include working with Maestro Riccardo Muti of the Teatro alla Scala, pop culture icons Elio and the Storie Tese, and world-renowned musical group Baustelle. Of his many classical orchestral endeavors, he was recognized with a place of honor playing with the Orchestra Master dei Talenti of the Fondazione Crt. , and was the prodigy youngest orchestra conductor ever to be appointed in the history of Turin's elite Orchestra dei Vigili del Fuoco. He has founded, directed, and composed original works for numerous bands and musical ensembles, specializing in every genre and style from jazz to baroque.


    In 2008 he began his filmschool studies, excelling in cinematographic photography and direction, and in the sophisticated specialty of drone aerial camera work. Having perfected both mastery in video and a lifetime of musical expertise, it wasn't long before he was consistently sought after to write, shoot, and direct multiple music videos for artists from all over the world, such as Italian metal sensation Lacuna Coil. All the while he has continued to be the choice of multiple international brands, such as Ducati, Adidas, Yamaha to direct and film their commercial spots. His specialty contributions to various big-budget blockbusters as Director of Photography and aerial drone operator (government certified) can be seen in films by Disney and many others.


    At the same time, his career as writer/director of various independent films took off, almost all of which accrued multiple international awards and the highest of recognition from film festivals, press, critics, and industry experts, the world over. Most notably is that these first works were entirely of his own writing, photography, and direction. At the top of the list are: The Spirit Chaser , which was screened at numerous festivals and is currently on the market with worldwide distribution, L'Uomo Col Cappello which was presented at multiple festivals winning the JURY SPECIAL MENTION at the EIFF (2013), and I See Monsters which was screened at more than 30 festivals sweeping most of them with accumulated 20+ awards (among those BEST FOREIGN FILM & BEST ACTOR at the Beverly Hills Film Festival (2014) and BEST HORROR SHORT at the Winter Film Festival in NYC (2014)). In 2014, together with actor, producer, and writer Andrea Zirio, Federico founded the production company Adrama. In 2015 he completed the highly acclaimed, festival favorite documentary Attenti Al Treno, co-directed with sociologist Maura Crudeli.


    2016 saw many years of writing and preparation for his first feature-length commercial project, Ulysses (produced by Adrama), come to fruition. The story, co-written with partner Andrea Zirio of a modern day Ulysses, has been the buzz of the industry for some time, and is now in post-production for release and worldwide distribution in 2018 starring Danny Glover, Udo Kier, Anamaria Marinca and Skin.


    In 2019 he wrote and directed the feature action film "Karim" produced by Lime Film for Rai Cinema, starring Valentina Cervi, Stella Egitto & Mohamed Zouaoui.

  • The Films

    "My life is so much more interesting inside my head"

    Ulysses - A Dark Odyssey

    2018 - Feature 114'

    A modern-day revisitation of Homer's Odyssey, starring Danny Glover, Udo Kier & Skin.

    Ulysses, a tormented soldier, has returned home to his native Taurus City from the war in the Middle East. Now he must find his beloved wife, Penelope, overcoming his darkest demons and despite all odds stacked against him.


    2019 - Feature 110' - In post production

    The Spirit Chaser

    2017 - Feature 75' - Distributed Internationally

    Dylan has bought a videocamera and is documenting his final week in a small town in Italy. Until, that is, he finds himself tangled up within a horrific legend of this mysterious place...

    I See Monsters

    2013 - Short 20'

    This is the story of little Giulio, who is asked to go to the basement to fetch some wine...

    Winner of over 20 awards including Best Foreign Film and Best Actor at the Beverly Hills Film Festival - Best Horror Short at the Winter Film Awards NYC - Best Director at the Fabriano Film Festival

    Attenti Al Treno

    2015 - Documantary 48'

    A documentary, co-directed with sociologist and documentary filmmaker Maura Crudeli, that deals with the problem of asbestos-related deaths--in the specific case of the employees of Fiat rail transport in Savigliano, Italy.

  • The Music Videos

    "Don't dream it, be it" [F.n.F.]

  • Aerial Works

    "Realism is a bad word. In a sense everything is realistic. I see no line between the imaginary and the real" [F.F.]

  • The critics say...

    "Ulysses A Dark Odyssey can be considered one of the most original, experimental films to come out of Italy in recent years." -- Il Sole 24 Ore, Italian national newspaper

    "A film which never loses sight of the ancient text, while finding a wholly original way to set this classic in time and space." -- MyMovies.it, Italy's #1 movie reference and review portal

    "Movie-goers will be transported, freed of any preconceived bias, to the evocative and captivating setting of this film. Whether or not they will be able to identify these modern versions of Poseidon, Eos, Hermes, or Calypso won't effect one bit their pure enjoyment of these most original and innovative 110 minutes. It has been many seasons of cinema releases since the Italian film industry has seen something of its likes." -- MovieTrainer.com, principle Italian movie portal

    "This director's freshman feature, which must be seen." -- Cinematographe.it, principle Italian movie portal


    "Alotto's Ulysses is certainly inspired by Homer's classic, but also nods wholly to the introspective and psychologically twisted protagonist of Joyce's masterpiece. All of this achieved without the narrative ever becoming needlessly unwieldy nor lessening the film's pure entertainment value." -- ZerkaloSpettacolo.com, leading entertainment industry portal

    "This is a brave director, not lacking in bold courage...if only we had more like him today, rather then those spinning out the same old trifling fluff." - Valerio Caprara, foremost Italian film critic

    "An independant production, but which aims to hold its own alongside American and foreign major studio projects, Federico Alotto's Ulysses - A Dark Odyssey is a solid mix of mainstream cinema and arthouse sensibility." -- film industry web portal www.taxidrivers.it

    "A film excelling in creative value and spot-on instinct, able to weave together an avante guarde, indie perspective with a clear and incisive narrative for the audience. All of this without ever losing its commercial value: resulting in an emotional, involved, dramatic viewing experience spanning multiple cinematic genres." -- foremost Italian current events and culture weekly magazine, PANORAMA

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